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Max Weber’s ‘Sociology’ as seen against the history of his work


Klaus Lichtblau

The article consders Weber’s move from history to sociology, and from cultural science to verstehende sociology. While these issues are not new, this article scrutinizes them in terms of the complete history of the works of Max Weber, which are now available through the publications of the Max Weber Gesamtausgabe. Also considered is the relation between Weber’s early use of stages theory of historical development and the individualism imputed to him. At root is the changing relation of methodology to his substantive studies in social economics, law, domination, religion and universal history.

Klaus Lichtblau 1

1 Klaus Lichtblau is Professor of Sociology at the University of Frankfurt am Main. He edited Max Webers ‘Grundbegriffe’. Kategorien der kultur- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung (2006), and is the author of the Die Eigenart der kultur- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Begriffsbildung (2011).


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