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A work not yet translated is only half published


Jean-Pierre Grossein

It is absolutely necessary to reproduce Weber’s apparatus of unequivocal concepts in a Weber translation, if one wishes to offer the correct access to his work. Two preconditions are necessary for achieving this goal: real linguistic competence but also a genuine understanding of Weber’s central questions.

Paper given at the conference, , Erfurt, 2 July 2014. The paper is translated from German by Niall Bond.

Jean-Pierre Grossein, born in 1943, is emeritus Senior Lecturer at University Paris VIII. His translations and introductions include Max Weber, Sociologie des religions (Gallimard, 1996), Max Weber, Confucianisme et taoïsme, in collaboration with C. Colliot-Thélène (Gallimard, 2000), Max Weber, L’éthique protestante et l’esprit du capitalisme (Gallimard, 2003), Max Weber, Concepts fondamentaux de sociologie (Gallimard, 2016). Other publications include Lire Max Weber, François Chazel and Jean-Pierre Grossein (ed.), Revue Française de sociologie (2005), ‘Théorie et pratique de l’interprétation dans la sociologie de Max Weber’, Sociétés Politiques Comparées (2016).


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