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Note about the ‘anxious bench’


Mariana Magalhães Pinto Côrtes

Mariana Magalhães Pinto Côrtes 1

1 Mariana Côrtes is professor and researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Federal University of Uberlândia in Brazil. Graduate in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Uberlândia (2002), MA in Sociology from the University of São Paulo (2005) and a PhD in Social Sciences from the State University of Campinas (2012). In 2006, she received a award for best dissertation in the Brazilian Contest CNPq/ANPOCS, whose prize was the publication of her dissertation ‘O bandido que virou pregador: A conversão de criminosos ao pentecostalismo e suas carreiras de pregadores’ (‘The criminal that became a preacher: The conversion of criminals to Pentecostalism and their careers as preachers’). Her current research interest is the question of the forms of suffering management in contemporary society, particularly those operated by biological psychiatry and the agencies of Pentecostal churches.

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