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Max Weber Gesamtausgabe: Interim Report and Future Volumes


Christopher Adair-Toteff

Christopher Adair-Toteff 1

1 Christopher Adair-Toteff earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of South Florida with a dissertation on neo-Kantianism. Since 2000 he has focused on Max Weber and his articles have appeared in Max Weber Studies, The History of the Human Sciences, The Journal of Classical Sociology, among others. He is a leading authority on Weber’s notion of charisma with ‘Max Weber’s Charisma’ Journal of Classical Sociology, 2005. He is editor and translator of Sociological Beginnings (Liverpool University Press, 2005), and is editor of The Anthem Companion to Toennies and is author of Fundamental Concepts in Max Weber’s Sociology of Religion (Palgrave-Macmillan) both forthcoming. He was Associate Professor of Philosophy at the American University in Bulgaria 1994–2001. He is Fellow at the Center for Social and Political Thought, University of South Florida and Honorary Senior Researcher, University of Kent.

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