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Deliberate Search and Unexpected Discoveries Archival research on Max Weber’s Milieu


Guenther Roth

Guenther Roth 1

1 Guenther Roth first treated Max Weber in The Social Democrats in Imperial Germany (1963), edited, with Claus Wittich, Economy and Society (1968), wrote, with Reinhard Bendix, Scholarship and Partisanship (1971), and with Wolfgang Schluchter, Max Weber’s Vision of History (1979; employed Weber’s typologies world-wide in Politische Herrschaft und persönliche Freiheit (1987); embedded his extended family history in 19th-century globalization, Max Webers deutsch-englische Familiengeschichte 1800–1950 (2001); dealt last with Max and Alfred Weber in Edgar Jaffé, Else von Richthofen and Their Children. From German–Jewish assimilation through antisemitic persecution to American integration (online, 2012).


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