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List of Contributors open-access

Page 5 - 6

Jesus Christ and Max Weber: Two Problems of Charisma open-access

Andrew McCulloch

Page 7 - 34

Was Western Capitalism a Product of an Error in Reasoning? The Weber Thesis and Newcomb's Problem open-access

Zenonas Norkus

Page 35 - 57

Weber's Protestant Ethic and the Chinese Preference for Sons: An Application of Western Sociology to Eastern Religion open-access

James Mahon

Page 59 - 80

Transatlantic Connections: A Cosmopolitan Context for Max and Marianne Weber's New York Visit 1904 open-access

Guenther Roth

Page 81 - 112

Obituary: Professor Dr DLitt (h.c.) Wolfgang J. Mommsen 5 November, 1930-11 August, 2004 open-access

Gangolf Hübinger

Page 113 - 117

Wolfgang J. Mommsen: A British Appreciation open-access

Sam Whimster

Page 119 - 122

In Memory of Professor Wolfgang J. Mommsen open-access

Takeshi Ishida, Hiroshi Orihara, Yukitaka Sasabe, Kazuhiko Sumiya, Ken'ichi Tominaga, Yoshiaki Uchida, Yasutoshi Ueyama, Yoshiro Yano, Katsuhiko Yoshime

Page 123 - 124

Personal Dilemma or Intellectual Influence? The Relationship between Hannah Arendt and Max Weber open-access

Peter Baehr

Page 125 - 130

Book Reviews open-access

Page 131 - 167

Recommend Max Weber Studies