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List of Contributors

Page 135 - 136


Ernest Caldwell, Xiangqun Chang, Athena Leoussi, Sam Whimster

Page 137 - 145

Three Critics of Weber’s Thesis of the Uniqueness of the West: Jack Goody, Kenneth Pomeranz, and S.N. Eisenstadt. Strengths and Weaknesses

Vittorio Cotesta

Page 147 - 167

Weber and the Concept of Adaptation: the Case of Confucian Ethics

Martin Albrow, Zhang Xiaoying

Page 169 - 204

Max Weber’s Sociology of Civilizations: The Five Major Themes

Stephen Kalberg

Page 205 - 232

Deliberate Search and Unexpected Discoveries Archival research on Max Weber’s Milieu

Guenther Roth

Page 233 - 243

‘Methodological Pestilence’: Max Weber’s Devastating Critique of Stammler

Christopher Adair-Toteff

Page 245 - 268

Book Review

Christopher Adair-Toteff

Page 269 - 272

Notes for Contributors

Page 273 - 273

Recommend Max Weber Studies