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List of Contributors

Page 153 - 154


Sam Whimster

Page 155 - 159

‘The Great Divergence’: Max Weber and China’s ‘missing links’

Geoffrey Ingham

Page 160 - 191

The Duality of Structure and Action: Outline for a Weberian Research Programme

Wolfgang Schluchter

Page 192 - 213

Weber’s limits: Value and Meaning, Rationality and Individualism

Johannes Weiss

Page 214 - 231

Max Weber’s ‘Sociology’ as seen against the history of his work

Klaus Lichtblau

Page 232 - 247

Ethical Rationalization of Everyday Life: On the Relationship between Religious and Everyday Habitus

Kolyo Koev

Page 248 - 259

Book Reviews

Roger E. Backhouse and Philippe Fontaine, eds., A Historiography of the Modern Social Sciences | Hinnerk Bruhns, Max Webers historische Sozialökonomie / L’économie de Max Weber entre histoire et sociologie | Martin Albrow, Global Age Essays on Social and Cultural Change | Stephen Kalberg, Searching for the Spirit of American Democracy: MaxWeber’s Analysis of a Unique Political Culture, Past, Present, and Future | Donald N. Levine, Social Theory as a Vocation: Genres of Theory Work in Sociology | Nicholas Gane, Max Weber and Contemporary Capitalism | Max Weber, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Gesamtregister| Wolfgang Hellmich, Aufklärende Rationalisierung. Ein Versuch, Max Weber neu zu interpretieren

Stephen Turner, Peter Ghosh, Volker H. Schmidt, Laurence McFalls, Marta Bucholc, John Scott, Christopher Adair-Toteff

Page 260 - 287

Notes for Contributors

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